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Confidence in the future
Towards the Sun

Der Sonne entgegen

Pedax builds on its strengths and successfully starts off into the coming months.

In 2014, the expectations and ambitious targets were surpassed with an excellent result. With good orders, regular customers have placed their trust in Pedax, thus making a substantial contribution to the company’s success. Pedax was present at many international trade fairs and was particularly successful at the Wire in Düsseldorf. Interesting projects worldwide have resulted in the necessity for additional staff to be employed. In particular the customer service and development departments have been systematically expanded. In doing so, attention has been paid to a good mixture of young and experienced engineers. Interesting new machines were able to be built. The new double bending machine Permatic A, for example, to name but one, which we will report on in detail in this newsletter. Together with our partner Difer Impianti S.r.l., the Pilemaster cage welding machines have been substantially improved and extended by the Pilemaster 3000, probably the biggest and most powerful model worldwide. These impressive machines are in use on a large-scale building site in Kuwait. Reinforcement cages with a diameter of up to 2,850 mm are produced with cage lengths of up to 24 m and weights of up to 30 t per cage.

All in all, the prospects are very bright for 2015, and Pedax is on its way in the right direction - upwards.

The probably largest cage welding machine in the world

Pilemaster 3000 for cages up to a diameter of 2850 mm, a length of 24 m and a weight of 30 tons.

Bored piles are an integral part of building technology. They are used wherever ground conditions are difficult and firm building ground has to first be created. And this is the case in almost all parts of the world. Pedax has had Pilemaster automatic welding machines in its portfolio for the efficient production of reinforcement cages, which have been developed by Difer Impianti, our long-standing partner in Italy. Here, Leo Ferrari, motor and co-owner of Difer Impianti, has unbeatable knowledge and many years of experience when it comes to reinforcements for bored piles. He was one of the very first to develop and sell cage welding machines.

Leo Ferrari, the man in the know when it comes to automatic welding machines.

All developments originated from dialogues with established practical experience. The Pilemasters 3000 already delivered and working in harsh conditions, underwent major revision, being adapted to the special requirements for a building project in the Middle East. The new Pilemaster 3000 is designed for cage lengths of up to 24 m and cage weights of up to 30 tons. Here, longitudinal bars up to a diameter of 55 mm and spirals up to a diameter of 20 mm are processed. The welding head is equipped with two welding torches. This is necessary to enable the large diameters to be welded reliably and on both sides.

The new Pilemaster 3000 combines the advantages that are standard for the product range:
  • Controller integrated in the machine stand; operator has the entire system in his line of vision.
  • Support and software update via Internet.
  • Ethernet connection for data transfer.
  • Motorised bar charging device for longitudinal bars up to a diameter of 55 mm.
  • Laser system for bar recognition. No mechanics.
  • Robot arm with pneumatic balance control.
  • Welding head with two torches, required for longitudinal bars of large diameter.
  • Hydraulic support with four rollers each for optimum weight distribution. Important for high cage weights.
  • Ring system with programmed sleeve positioning.

The new Pilemaster 3000 is designed for use in difficult climatic conditions and for outdoor operations. This applies likewise for all Pilemaster machines.

New Permatic 60A

Double bending system for complex bending shapes

Use of different-sized bending rollers thanks to the mobility of both machines transverse to the bar axis.


Double bending systems for bending bars always guarantee high production performance with substantially lower labour costs. Quite surprising that there are still companies that do not make use of these advantages. Double bending systems pay off in a very short time, solely by the savings in labour costs. Any they are also much more powerful and are easily and effortlessly operated.

New concept for complex bending shapes

The new Pedax Permatic A is designed for bending shapes with various radii in one process. This new, unique concept was conceived together with a renowned German bending company. In addition to the usual manoeuvrability of the mobile bending machine in longitudinal direction (X axis), both bending machines now also move transversely to the bar axis (Y axis). The independent manoeuvrability of both machines enables the use of different sizes of bending tools and thus the automatic production of bends with different radii in one shape. Analyses have shown that these shapes are increasingly in demand. They are used in foundations for bridges, for wind turbines and in structural reinforced concrete construction.

Use of bending roller and bending heart possible

Set-up and non-productive times are substantially reduced. Neither hydraulic clamping fixtures nor material supports require adjustment. The machines are automatically positioned as is necessary for the respectively used bending rollers or bending carriers. The minimum distance is now only 98 cm, measured centre/ centre of the bending plates. Support trestles are taken from the travel range for this. A click system makes unlocking particularly simple. The field of application of the system is thus extended.


The output per man-hour is always of importance and decisive, particularly in the high space and effort requirement and time-consuming processing of rebar material. The economic efficiency of all companies and production areas depends on the staff deployment, the work preparation, logistics and storage of the individual commissions. Here there are reserves, which can be used to bring the decisive advantage and by means of which a clear time and cost advantage can be gained. The new Permatic double bending system shortens production times with reduced personnel deployment and enables bending shapes that were not formerly possible in a continuous process.

Smallest possible centre-to-centre distances thanks to removal of the support trestles

Advantages of the new Permatic 60A

  • New procedure for extended field of application; complex bending shapes with different radii are bent in one process.
  • Substantial reduction of set-up and non-productive times.
  • Combinations of bending rollers on one machine and bending carriers on the other machine are possible.
  • Pedax tool quick change system with splines.
  • Pneumatic bar advance and deposition system for effortless working with only one operator.
  • Bending speed automatically and steplessly variable depending on the bending shape and bending diameters.
  • Pedax software for particularly simple operation. Logical operator interface with straightforward symbols. Data input via Siemens touchscreen with PC 477.
  • Operator language selectable, all major languages, including many special languages, are already stored.
  • Polygonal bending possible.
  • Virtual machine extension beyond the nominal length. For this, the mobile bending machine operates in a clamping extension process by means of a clamping fixture. This means that longer bars can also be processed.

Kuwait Causeway Project

Hyundai and Construction Co. consortium builds 38 km long dam

A new motorway will connect the capital of Kuwait with the northern Subbiya region. A 38 km long dam with a bridge connection through Kuwait Bay is to be built for this purpose. The dam, called Jaber Al-Ahmad Al- Sabah, is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the GCC region and of immense significance. It will liven up the north of Kuwait. The order volume for this project amounts to 2.04 billion euros. Reinforcement cages for a total of 1,330 bored piles are required for the project with lengths of 60 and 35 m. Four Pilemaster 3000 machines were delivered to Kuwait last year for this purpose, where they work in continuous threeshift operation on six days a week. Delivery was monitored by Pedax Middle East Office in Dubai.

Pilemaster 3000 in operation on a large building site in Kuwait.

Removal of a cage.

Practically indestructible

Pedax rebar bending machines are characterised by their particularly long service life. It is not rare for machines that are 40 years and older to still be in use for production. Within the framework of a sweepstakes, Rocco Schmidt from Karl Burger GmbH, Waldkirch sent us a photo of a Peddinghaus bending machine that is still in daily service since 1968. We consider this oldie is worth a mention.

Neu-Perfekt 40 bending machine from Peddinghaus from the 1960s.

Julius Berger International

Pedax delivers machines and systems to Nigeria

Automatic stirrup bending machine from Pedax in production on a building site in Nigeria.

Julius Berger International GmbH stands for innovative engineering projects, demanding logistics and extensive service performances. The Wiesbaden company is a 90-percent subsidiary of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc. With around 16,000 staff it is one of the biggest construction companies in Nigeria. Top quality standards, technological competence and around 50 years experience in Nigeria are the foundations of this mutual success. On behalf of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Julius Berger International GmbH plans and coordinates civil engineering, infrastructure and industrial plant construction projects in Nigeria with around 420 employees at its site in Wiesbaden and around 600 employees on site. These are predominantly major projects which JBN generally constructs ready for operation and increasingly also runs.

With a population of approx. 177 million and a gross domestic product of 429 billion euros, Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa, even ahead of the Republic of South Africa. Muhammadu Buhari has just been elected as the new President, who is hoped to bring peace and orderly conditions.

For many years, Julius Berger relies on machines and systems from Pedax, which are characterised by the necessary robustness, simple operation and particularly ease of maintenance. For this we work in a successful partnership with Delker GmbH in Essen, who as the trade partner is responsible for the entire handling.

Friedrich Delker GmbH + Co.KG is an ownermanaged, medium-sized wholesale company. Since more than 45 years, the company has sold high quality electrical tools, warehousing and company equipment, industrial safety and machine tools for all sectors of trade and industry, and of course rebar processing machines from Pedax. Recently, several machines have been delivered and put into operation in Nigeria. Our experienced technician Frederic “Fritz” Nowak was occupied for several weeks with the installation of the machine and the training of its operators.

He is highly impressed by the country, even more so by its people, and by the excellent organisation and support provided by Julius Berger. He would travel to this interesting and exciting country again any time.

Pedax service technician Fritz Nowak values the country and its people highly.

You will find further information about the companies here:

Friedrich Delker GmbH + Co.KG: www.delker.com | Julius Berger International GmbH: www.julius-berger-int.com | Julius Berger Nigeria Plc: www.julius-berger.com

Pedax Service

Even closer to our customers

International service training in Bitburg.

Being even closer to our customers - above all guaranteeing rapid assistance and reliable spare parts supplies to minimise downtime - is top priority for Markus Barthen, service department manager. It now appears on all departmental banners. „We all still enjoy praise, naturally, but mistakes can happen now and then. We‘re only human after all.“ It‘s important, says Barthen, to take complaints and criticism seriously and to offer customers solutions - immediately. Criticism also helps us to detect sources of errors immediately so that we can keep improving.

Service training attracts international participants

Thorough knowledge of the machinery or systems helps us to avoid unnecessary errors and guarantee reliable production. Against this background Pedax held an international service training course at Bitburg lasting 3 days in which the focus was on the theory and practice of the operation of the machinery and controls. Along with our own fitters, technicians from as far afield as Canada attended the training. At the end of the course, all participants were issued a certificate. This kind of certification is now mandatory in some countries for working on Pedax machinery and is also a requirement in some countries when applying for EU funding.

Added strength and support for service department

The service department at our central office in Bitburg has been strengthened and supported in the last few months by a new arrival: Eduard Benz is a state-qualified electrical engineer specialising in data technology and information processing - he will be primarily available to you for remote maintenance and all software issues. Contact: e.benz@pedax.de

Carsten Olsen is our experienced new service engineer for the Southeast Asia region. In future he will be providing intensive service from Thailand, particularly to our customers in Malaysia and Singapore. Contact: co@pedax.com

We now have a new service- and sales support office in Brisbane for Australia and New Zealand: Charle van Staden is our contact here. Mr van Staden has completed 6 months intensive training at our head office in Bitburg and from mid-June will be our expert contact for everything relating to our Pedax programme. Contact: c.vstaden@pedax.de

Please contact us with your questions, praise, criticisms and ideas on the subject of service, helpline and spare parts supply:



or visit us online:

Strategic Partnership with Peddinghaus Corporation

Successful brand policy for more than 100 years

Bitburg, Germany & Bradley, IL, USA - In 1903, Paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus established a company in Gevelsberg, Germany. It rapidly developed into a highperformance mechanical engineering and manufacturing company that is headquartered today in Bradley, Illinois, USA.

Under the fourth generation of family management, Carl G. “Anton” Peddinghaus, CEO, and Julia C. “Cilla” Peddinghaus, Director of European Operations, oversee the international corporation.

Soon after its establishment in 1903, Peddinghaus developed hand-operated devices for the cutting and bending of reinforcing steel. Simple hand-operated devices very quickly became powerful, motor-driven machines that set quality standards from the very beginning.

In the 1920s, there were already high-performance machines for the bending and cutting of reinforcing steel, which were marketed worldwide under the brand names Simplex and Perfekt.

The Simplex and Perfekt brands still stand for quality, durability and performance.

Peddinghaus Corporation and Pedax GmbH have maintained a strategic partnership for over one year now. The co-operation concentrates on North America, Poland and France.

Since June 2014, Peddinghaus Corporation is the official representative for PEDAX rebar equipment within the USA and combine sales, service and available spare parts under one roof.

Contact Sale:

Todd Cordes

Phone: # 1-815-937-3800 ext. 1124


Email: todd-cordes@peddinghaus.com

Contact spare parts:

Tim Douglas

Phone: # 1-844-MY PEDAX


Todd Cordes, Peddinghaus International Sales Manager, together with Per Kloster Poulsen, Pedax Area Sales Manager, oversee Pedax equipment sales. Both representatives have utilized the past months renewing longstanding partnerships, visiting new customers and increasing the market.

Peddinghaus offers available PEDAX spare parts from their facility in Bradley, Illinois for added customer convenience.

Tim Douglas is the contact for spare part orders and for technical questions (Pedax Helpline phone # 1-844-MY PEDAX). Peddinghaus’ proven, successful and 24- hour support center is now also available for the service of PEDAX customers in North America.

We are happy to announce that our experienced service technician, Norberto Donnet, is still available for your customer service needs.

US customers are able to receive information about Pedax products and current campaigns on the new Peddinghaus homepage online at www.peddinghaus-rebar.com

At Pedax, we are convinced that our customers will benefit from the new co-operation and look forward to a long-term, successful partnership with Peddinghaus.

New Peddinghaus Website www.peddinghaus-rebar.com

This is what customers say about PEDAX...

Veuthey & Cie SA

Permatic 60 N in the factory of Veuthey & Cie SA.

“The choice given by the Pedax Permatic 60N bending lines is simple: opt for the professional and cost-effective bending of steel bars, or … antiquated technology in the 21st century! Feel free to contact the Veuthey company in Martigny or Nyon for more information on the subject.” The Swiss Company Veuthey & Cie SA, founded 125 years ago, is divided into four main areas of activity. The product division “Concrete reinforcing steel and accessories” is located in the two production sites in Nyon and Martigny - from where it supplies the Cantons Wallis, Waadt and Geneva.

Gebr. Lotter KG, Gaggenau

Pedax spoke with the manager of the Lotter branch in Gaggenau:

„We value the cooperation and partnership, the performance and technology of PEDAX machinery and particularly the flexibility in relation to questions about machining technology and solutions. In Gaggenau we work with a latest generation Metax bar cutting machine which delivers the performance we need for our day-to-day work, whether for thick- or thin-diameter bar. We work with bars up to Ø 40 mm and even then, we can work fast and effectively. In the next few days we will be expanding our machine fleet with a Permatic 65 S double bending line. This machine is now standard equipment at Lotter."

Gebrüder Lotter KG is a family-owned company registered in Ludwigsburg with a successful company history stretching back 175 years. With an annual turnover of 150,000 t of concrete reinforcing steel, the company is one of the top names in the reinforcement sector. It runs high-performance bending shops in Ludwigsburg, Gaggenau, Glauchau, Neckarsulm, Ingersheim and Oschatz.

RH Stahl Vertriebs GmbH

"We have been working with Pedax for 25 years. We greatly value the quality of the machinery and plant, above all the straightforward partnership and the closeness to our company."

Christoph Pauly Managing director, RH Stahl Vertriebs

WesterwaldStahl GmbH

„WesterwaldStahl GmbH works exclusively with PEDAX machinery in its concrete-reinforcing steel bending operation. We have relied for many years on the high quality and durability of the machines from this German manufacturer for our bar, ring and mesh production. Expert, flexible and, due to the geographical proximity, rapidly available service also ensures that we enjoy an extremely fair and cooperative partnership.“

Jörg Jung, Managing Director

The steel wholesaler WesterwaldStahl GmbH is a sister company of Schwarzwald Eisen, the familyowned company from Lahr. It was formed at the start of 2014 when it took over the steel division of the former Kuss group. The rolled steel, structural steel and processing materials specialist maintains sites in Ransbach-Baumbach and Altenkirchen.
Mansteel Rebar LTD. in Ontario, Canada

A look behind the scenes

This spring, our long-standing PEDAX customer Mansteel from Ontario granted us a look behind the scenes, showing how it masters the challenge of having to process large rebar diameters with the help of its powerful Pedax machines. Mansteel stands for a high degree of efficiency and places importance on faultless production without tolerance.

“In our trade it is important […] to invest in good machines and good equipment”, development manager and co-founder Joseph Hadjibaba explains in the interview. “We decided on an investment in long-term solutions, which provide us with the desired performance and also guarantee the modern design, high level of accuracy and quality, and good production results.”

Watch the entire video, which was produced by our US American agency Peddinghaus on site in Ontario. The QR code below enables you to easily access our Youtube channel using your smartphone.


News from Sales

Canada: AS Bond

Your contact in Canada: Sylvain Boucher

Since summer 2014, the company AS Bond 003 Inc. in Victoriaville / Québec is the new official trade representative for Canada and offers machine sales, service and spare parts sales from one source. PEDAX and AS Bond have already worked together successfully for many years. Sylvain Boucher is the contact partner for machine sales, Patrick Goyette is responsible for the sales of spare parts - two experts in the rebar processing industry.

4 experienced fitters are available to support our Canadian customers.


Sylvain Boucher
Phone: 819 604-7757 · Cell: 819 357-6897
Fax: 819 604-7735 · E-mail: sb@asbond003.com

New salesman for southern Germany

New on-board since January 2015: Jochen Simon.

Jochen Simon has been strengthening our sales team since the beginning of this year.

From now on, father-of-two Mr. Simon focuses on supporting our south German customers and is also to take over international sales areas in the medium-term. Mr Simon has ten years experience in the sale of capital goods requiring export documentation. We look forward to working with him.

E-Mail: j.simon@pedax.de
Cell: +49 151 15351359

Rieckermann Philippines, Inc.

Attends to our customers in the Philippines: Leo Buenaventura.

Since 2014, we now also have the possibility of offering our customers in the Philippines the best possible advice and support with our newly appointed representative Rieckermann Philippines Inc. The international group of companies goes back to Johs. Rieckermann, who started up a trading company with ink in Hamburg in 1892 and very quickly extended the field of business to new areas for overseas exports. The group of companies today has a workforce of more than 600 at 34 locations in 22 countries. Your contact partner at Rieckermann in the Philippines is Leo Buenaventura.


Leo Buenaventura · Phone: +63 (2) 634 26 23 · Cell: +63 917 5250327
E-mail: l.buenaventura@rieckermann.com

Editor: Pedax GmbH, Industriestraße 10A, D-54634 Bitburg - www.pedax.com - sales@pedax.de

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