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Wire 2014
Pedax stands on firm foundation

In just a few months the new managing directors Nikolaos Antoniadis and Jan Dall Christensen have succeeded in restructuring Pedax along more effective lines and on a firm foundation.
The Company has been successfully restructured: capital- and cost structures have been realigned and a new team has been established. Pedax is revisiting its original strengths and concentrating on its professional expertise and core competencies.
Customers from all over the world have joined partners and suppliers in declaring their confidence in Pedax and are contributing each day to the company‘s positive outlook for the future. The order books are filled up encouragingly and there are exciting project enquiries in the pipeline.
Pedax has strengthened its service and sales team and has further expanded its strategic partnerships.
We are developing new, exciting products. Some of these will already be presented to the trade public at Wire Düsseldorf from 7th to 11th April.
The Board of management is proud of the support and commitment shown by the workforce. We would like to thank the whole Pedax team and above all our loyal customers, partners and suppliers throughout the world for the extraordinary support.
This newsletter is a sign that we are once more heading onwards and upwards. We wish you an interesting read.
Pedax stands on firm foundation

Opening Wire 2014

Jan Dall Christensen and Per Meincke:
“We provide an individual
solution for each customer”

Shortly before Wire in Dusseldorf, the editorial team of PEDAX today was able to speak with CEO Jan Dall Christensen and Sales Director Per Meincke.

Jan Dall Christensen
PEDAX-CEO Jan Dall Christensen
Per Meincke
PEDAX-Sales Director Per Meincke

Jan Dall Christensen: A turbulent financial year lies behind Pedax GmbH. What made you decide to return to your old territory? What made you so sure that you could get Pedax GmbH back on the road to success?

I know the company. I know its customers, its products and its employees. I know what Pedax can do and I knew how much energy and commitment our employees would give. Pedax is very close to my heart and if I can make my contribution to taking Pedax back to the head of the game, it is only because Pedax and its employees have earned this opportunity. Hard decisions have been made which have left their scars and I am sorry that there was no other way out in this situation. Now I can see that we have survived difficult times, I am happy that I came back.

The workforce was very happy to see you back. What is special about the people in Eifel?

I truly value the honesty and directness of the people of Eifel. Here, professionalism and humour go hand-in-hand, space is always allowed for both. I have great confidence in the employees and they have never disappointed me.

Pedax is back on course today. How did this happen in such a short time?

One of the main reasons is definitely the confidence that was shown in us. Particularly our customers and suppliers have always stood by us! All of us, the entire workforce and the board of management, are truly grateful for this.
We quickly saw how PEDAX needed to structure itself. We have been able to implement this extremely rapidly thanks to the help of all our employees.

Per Meincke: You have been Sales Director at Pedax for many years and have travelled continuously throughout the world, staying close to our customers. How many hours a year do you actually spend in airplanes?

A lot! All my colleagues in the sales team see it as a top priority to be as close as possible to our customers. At the same time our customers are happy to see us in their own countries. We are not a large company but we are globally active and so we are on the move a lot of time. We not only sell our machines, we also need to ensure that our customers have confidence in the Pedax brand, in high-quality machinery and in a highly reliable production.

And where do you see the sales focus internationally in the future?

As I said, we are globally active and we want to provide expert care and support for our customers, wherever they are in the world.

Per Meincke, Jan Dall Christensen: What is the secret of Pedax?

It lies in its flexibility and in the desire to provide, or devise, an individual solution for each customer. Of course, the appreciation of mechanical engineering and of producing high-quality products is equally important.

Jan Dall Christensen, Per Meincke: What short- to medium term goals have you set yourselves and what is the company strategy for the future?

We will focus on our core business and make targeted strategic decisions in our service and development area so that in future we can provide even better products combined with an extremely high level of service. Customer service is extremely important and we are strengthening our expansion in this area.
We are also looking at our coil division and further optimising the processes there.

Pedax is pursuing strategic partnerships, amongst others with Schlatter and MBK. How do such partnerships figure in our company success and are further cooperations planned?

Strategic partnerships have always been a part of Pedax and they bring a series of benefits. These include the lively exchange of ideas, joint presence and joint development projects, to name a few. These partnerships will also be very important for the future and we will continue to build on them. Steps are already being taken in relation to new partnerships for the coming year.

Jan Dall Christensen, Per Meincke: And finally a personal question: which prominent personality would you choose as a new member of the Pedax team?

Steve Jobs - high quality, customer friendly and innovative products.

Mr Christensen and Mr Meincke:
Thank you for this fascinating conversation!

Welcome to the Wire Düsseldorf!
Pedax booth
The Pedax booth offers once again innovations all about the processing of reinforcing steel.

Wire is simply THE platform for the whole wire- and cable industry. With over 1300 exhibitors from around 50 countries and a good 60 % of trade visitors from abroad, this exhibition more than deserves its outstanding international reputation.
In 2012 almost 40,000 trade representatives visited this key trade fair.

However Wire is not only an important meeting place for the wire and cable industry. Those in our industry who work with steel reinforced concrete are also looking forward expectantly to Düsseldorf, where Wire traditionally takes place every two years.

Worth a visit:
the Pedax trade fair stand
The trade fair opens its doors again on the 7th April. You will be very welcome. Visit us at our stand 16B20 in Hall 16. We are presenting further developments from our machinery programme, for instance, a fully-equipped Twinmaster 16X+ automatic stirrup bending machine with a 3D bending unit and motorised reels.

Thrill as well to a brand-new product in the rebar-bending sector: see the first project details of our newly-developed system for automatic rebar bending.

And while you are there: the capital of North Rhine Westfalia itself has plenty to offer. Take some time out to enjoy the old city of Düsseldorf, its culture and hospitality.
Our loyal customers and visitors are already in on this of course: a freshly pulled Bitburger Pils at the PEDAX stand. Once again, the Bitburger bar will be coming with us to Düsseldorf. Drop by and enjoy a refreshing Bit. Pedax booth
PEDAX - around the World.

All 2014 trade fair activities at a glance:

Brno, Czech Republic: IBF
23. - 26.04.2014

Jeddah: BIG 5 Saudi
09. - 12.03.2014

Istanbul: YAPI Turkey Build

BIG 5 Dubai

St. Petersburg: ICCX Russia
Perfect cooperation:MBK is sub-exhibitor at PEDAX booth

MBK Maschinenbau GmbH with registered office in Kisslegg and Pedax GmbH in Bitburg work closely together. The two product ranges ideally complement one another.

MBK was founded in 1961 and is today a family company managed by Albert and Mario Pfender. As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of welding systems, MBK has excellent contacts and a convincing range of machines and systems, which prove their performance capacity day by day, for example in the production of concrete pipes. In future, MBK will offer machines for the production of reinforcing steel meshes in close cooperation with Pedax.

With the new mesh welding plant, MBK addresses manufacturers of precast elements, where an own mesh welding plant was formerly not profitable. The technical equipment and price of the new machine are interesting for this group of customers.

MBK and Pedax, maintain a lively exchange of ideas in the development of viable new products, both wish to jointly expand and exploit the sales networks and service resources, in order to better reach and advise customers all over the world.

At Wire in Düsseldorf MBK will be the guest of Pedax on its stand.


Pedax range of machines

Pilemaster III - Automatic welding machines
Pilemaster III
Pilemaster III

The Pedax Pilemaster III features: new state-of-the-art control technology, particularly simple positioning for rapid preparation on a new cage, a laser system for
precision welding operations and fully-synchronous rotary drives.
Pilemasters are available for cage diameters of 1200, 1500, 2000 and even up to 3000 mm.

Roll-mats in the spinning process
Spinmaster BF
Spinmaster BF

Spinmasters produce roll-mats quickly, safely and automatically. The longitudinal bars are joined together by the wire-tying technique, not welded, and are rolled up to form a mat. Use of roll-mats reduces laying times by 80 %.
Pedax Spinmasters operate at different international sites and feature impressive performance, ease of operation and a unique manufacturing process.

Automatic stirrup manufacture
Twinmaster 16X+

Pedax supplies an impressive 3D–unit for powerful Twinmaster 16 X+ automatic stirrup bending machines.
This allows fully-automated three-dimensional stirrup manufacture. For this purpose, Twinmaster stirrup systems are fitted with an additional automatic bending unit which is supplied with a range of tools and which completes the otherwise expensive production of stirrups in one operation.

3D bending unit, integrated in front plate
3D bending unit, integrated in front plate.
Stationary shearlines for high volumes

Pedax employs a modular system concept with which shearlines can be created for practically any output and any requirement. The Cadormatic program with 300, 500 and 600 mm cutting widths has been augmented by the Cador 30 and Cador 50 series. This is now an effective range for companies in the medium-sized output sector who can benefit particularly from a new, straightforward control concept.

Pedax. Partner at your side.
Lifelong (machine-) partner.

When you invest in a new machine or system from Pedax we are not just a supplier. We are a partner you can count on for the entire life-cycle of your machine - and that can be decades.

Pedax life cycle

1. Setting up the new machine
Pedax delivers a new machine: the machine is assembled, set up and commissioned by Pedax. We train your personnel, your operators and your maintenance team. We help you get the best commercial use out of your machine and answer your questions.

2. Service contract and maintenance
Pedax recommends service contracts, even during the warranty period, to ensure that your valuable machine works safely, is serviced professionally and is well looked after from the start. Many customers already rely on the benefits offered by a PEDAX service contract.

3. Productivity optimisation
Our machines are highly robust and long-lived. With a retrofit, Pedax will also bring your old machine back up to date, for instance with new control technology. This improves its economy as well.

4. Expansion and modernisation
We work with you to look at the planning and develop a solution to enable you to use existing resources effectively. All in all, this is a complete package and a partnership you can rely on.
Do you agree?

News - in brief!

New address for PMG Precision Metal Group in Australia.

Our Australian representative PMG acquired a new site at the end of 2013. The new premises measure 2,074 m² and include a generous office suite on first floor and show room on the ground floor.

The new address:
Precision Metal Group Pty Ltd
Unit 1
472 Victoria Street Wetherill Park
NSW 2164
Phone: +61 2 97564088
Fax: +61 2 97564010

PMG company building
New PMG company building
Strengthening sales: Per Kloster Poulsen returns to PEDAX.

Pedax takes a familiar face on board: sales department welcomes an experienced hand as Per Kloster Poulsen returns to Pedax. Since March, Per has been Area Sales Manager in Scandinavia, Finland and North America.
We are delighted about Per’s return and wish him a successful new beginning.

Contact Per Kloster Poulsen:
Cell: +45 2072 6103
Fax: +45 4912 7911

Per Kloster Poulsen
Per Kloster Poulsen

Sales support in Poland and France
through cooperation with traditional company Peddinghaus.

Pierre Klein
Pierre Klein

Kamil Romanowski
Kamil Romanowski

Pierre Klein had been working for Pedax many years ago. The man from Peddinghaus will now be available to our French-speaking customers for all sales-related queries.

Contact Pierre Klein:
Phone/Fax: +33 (0) 388 51 17 14
Cell: +33 (0) 620 50 32 62

From now on our polish customers will be in the care of Mr Kamil Romanowski, who has worked at Peddinghaus Poland for many years and who has many years of industry experience.

Contact Kamil Romanowski:
Cell: +48 512 224 598
Fax: +49 (0)2332 72-208

Expansion of territory for Attilas Bt.

Our Hungarian representative Attilas Bt. will enjoy a home advantage in future. Thanks to good cooperation in the Ukrainian market, it has been decided to appoint Attilas Bt. as the official representative for Hungary again as well.
We look forward to working with them.

Editor: Pedax GmbH, Industriestraße 10A, D-54634 Bitburg - www.pedax.com - sales@pedax.com

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