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bauma 2013


15 – 21 April 2013
Neue Messe München

to the bauma!

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Sat 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Sun 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

You will fund further information about the bauma at www.bauma.de From the beginning of April you can download the free bauma App to your smartphone. This will enable you to be even better organised.

bauma fascination

Huge machines, international guests, bustling activity in the halls and in the outdoor area, 3256 exhibitors from all over the world showing their latest products - all this and more is the bauma: the bauma is the motor for the construction industry and particularly for pioneering, innovative developments. Everyone wants to be there, everyone wants to see what the future holds in store and everyone wants to know which developments must definitely not be missed. Hence, the bauma in Munich is the undisputed leading trade fair and the biggest and most impressive specialist trade exhibition in the world.

You will be very welcome. Visit the bauma, visit the Pedax booth and enjoy Munich, the ‘metropolis with a heart’. You will find Pedax in hall C3, booth number 409/ 513. You can’t miss us there. You will always be most welcome. Experience the new Pedax processing centre in action; you are a witness of a real world premiere. On the next few pages we will explain exactly what we mean. Be our guest and enjoy a freshly tapped Bitburger beer or a good cup of coffee. Will you be there? We are particularly looking forward to your visit!


Fully automatic processing centre for reinforcing steel processing from the coil

1) rotary straightening unit with hyperbolic rotors
2) automatic stirrup bending machine
3) automatic double bender

Three in one…

At Pedax, complete solutions have always stood for more efficiency in reinforcing steel processing and plant concepts for higher and proper production performance in the focus of strategic orientation. The output per man-hour is always decisive, particularly in the high space and power requirement and time-consuming processing of reinforcing steel. The economic efficiency of all companies and production areas depends on the processes, the work preparation, logistics and storage of the individual commissions. Here there are reserves, which can be used to bring the decisive advantage and by means of which a clear time and cost advantage can be gained.

Reinforcing steel processing will change. The boundary conditions are changing. You have to plan for the future if you intend to survive with success and profits. Look forward to the future with Pedax. Pedax will be presenting a new, interesting universal processing centre at the bauma, which combines three machines to make one fully automatic production unit. With this machine you can produce stirrups, well-aligned straight lengths and bending shapes. Flexible and plan-relate working is called for here. All reinforcement elements are automatically produced, collected in one system, intermediately stored and then brought to weaving or welding stations, where complete reinforcements are made.

The new machine convinces by a rotary straightening unit with hyperbolic rotors, which automatically adjust to the diameters to be straightened, thus ensuring excellent straightening quality. It is equipped with an automatic double bender and is complemented by an automatic stirrup bending machine, which receives its rotor-straightened bars from a material buffer.
This new automatic machine was designed jointly with the Cologne company KSH and promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

At the moment we will refrain from revealing more. Visit our stand at the trade fair in Munich. There you can experience modern reinforcing steel processing live.

You will also see and experience:

Apart from the well-known Pedax Simplex and Perfekt bending and cutting machines, you will also be able to experience the Spinmaster Backfeed and the Twinmaster 16X+ with 3D bending unit in action.

Twinmaster 16 X+ 3D is a powerful stirrup bender with energy-efficient servo drive and a 3D bending head for upright stirrups, which can also be retrofitted on older machines. The machine was presented for the first time last year at the Wire in Dusseldorf.

The Spinmaster Backfeed from our roll-mat range will be able to be viewed. This is an extremely modern high-performance machine, on which roll-mats are not welded, but rather weaved together using wire. You can save up to 80 % installation time with roll-mats. Production costs are also reduced thanks to one-man operation. Optimal adaptation to the construction site geometry, interesting steel savings and less storage space due to faster and easier on-site installation are further advantages.
» Pedax Spinmaster

Interview with the new management

A look ahead

For several weeks now, since October 1, 2012 to be precise, Pedax GmbH Bitburg has a new management: Torsten Mayer and Horst Wolfgang Schöttner are jointly responsible for the fate of the company. Both work at the Bitburg headquarters, where they work in close cooperation with one another in all corporate decisions in day-to-day business.

Mr. Schöttner, Mr. Mayer, how do you visualise the future of a German medium-sized company that needs to show its colours on a worldwide basis and that must adapt its strategy to the wishes and requirements of totally different markets and customers?
The pace of globalisation is ever accelerating, and the borders between the countries are being increasingly reduced. Today it is no longer possible to capture new markets with a standard. We must listen to the customers, analyse and learn to understand the markets. Only this way can we offer our customers a product that even exceeds their expectations and with which they can achieve the best possible return of investments. Because although the markets strongly differ, one thing is recognisable: the majority of markets expect good product quality at a fair price. Customers who do not put quality first and prefer cheaper solutions seem to be increasingly disappearing. And it is on this that we aim to base our strategy in future. We will continue to work on the improvement of our quality standards to be able to offer our customers in the market machines with the best price/performance ratio. Machines that enable them to achieve the optimum return of investments.

Which targets is Pedax pursuing and what will the primary focus be on in future?
Pedax has made large investments in the future and will continue to do so. We will be even closer to customers with an expanded sales and service team. And we will not only make use of this proximity to improve our service quality. It also enables us to better understand what our customers want, how they think, and which challenges need to be mastered in the specific local markets. To enable us to optimally integrate this information into our products, we have continued to invest in an enlarged development department. A further contribution, as previously described, to generating optimal products for the various markets. Innovations and new product families will in future be a visible sign of these efforts. One of our new flagships can be viewed at the bauma. Get ready for a surprise!

Pedax and its competitors have had to reorientate themselves after the crisis in 2008. Has this process now been completed, or are there ongoing considerations?
Nowadays it is necessary to constantly keep an eye on the market and on the competition. This is the only way to recognise upcoming changes at an early stage and react accordingly. Therefore the process of constant adaptation to the market and to new challenges will never be completed. One of our principles is: We welcome change for the opportunities it offers and we know changes create security in our jobs. We are currently in a stronger position than ever before. Due to our investments in the future, our flexibility, and the will to always improve, we are optimally prepared to overcome even difficult market situations and to generate further growth.

The headquarters are now in Bitburg, what are the advantages?
Due to the concentration of the core processes in Bitburg we are now more able to take full advantage of synergies, for example in engineering, making us even more efficient. Ongoing process optimisations are part of our daily work and will help us become even more forceful.

How do you see the national and international development in construction industry
The construction industry has still not completely recovered from its depression. At the moment the German market appears to be quite stable. In Europe however, we can still observe a strong north-south disparity. We currently see the growth markets mainly outside Europe, above all in the Asian region. We believe that the European crisis has overcome the worst, and that the markets will soon start to recover. We can then take a little more relaxed view of the future.

Pedax builds its machines and systems in Germany, and not only that; Pedax produces all major machine components internally - is that still a correct and modern approach?
In our opinion this is the only way for us to achieve the formerly described targets. Best quality, the highest possible level of flexibility and speed can only be realised by in-house production. If a customer orders a part that we havenít got in stock, we can produce it in a very short time. This is not possible with a sub-supplier. In-house production is also an irreplaceable competitive advantage in the development of our prototypes. Of course I am aware that many of our competitors rely exclusively on sub-suppliers. But we have the feeling that this is being increasingly avoided due to the problems stated previously. Admittedly: the larger the vertical range of manufacture, the higher the necessity to optimally coordinate and control individual production processes. This pressure is transferred from the sub-supplier to the companyís own team. The constant improvement of our internal processes and sequences is therefore also a further focal issue of our efforts for a successful future. Because we too know processes that are not optimal.

Where do you see the focus of your work over the coming weeks and months?
As you know, the entire production moved from Denmark to Germany in 2011. This process cost us a great deal of energy. However, we can now fully exploit the resulting synergy effects. Currently, great efforts are being made to further optimise our operative business and to improve the integration of this new field. Our endeavours to improve the investments made and our innovation readiness are intended to bring forth improved and new products, closer customer contact and shorter reaction times on a short and medium-term basis. A further major target is of course the development of new markets. For some time now we have also been very active in China, Korea and India. Further markets will follow. Pedax will become even more global and we have firmly resolved to not make life too easy for our competitors.

2013 - the bauma in Munich: THE event for the entire industry. How is Pedax positioned and what do you expect of this key event with visitors from all over the world?
The bauma will be a very special experience and offers us an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to our customers all over the world which way we are going. We will position ourselves more strongly and with new innovations. It is an ideal event for us as the new Pedax management to get to know the market better.

What are your professional and personal wishes and targets for the coming months and years?
Torsten Mayer:
We have already been able to master several challenges since we have been Pedax managers. Personally, I would wish that we continue on our venture as a team with all our employees, jointly facing whatever challenges the future may hold in store. Because Pedax can only follow this path as a unit and with team work.

Horst Wolfgang Schöttner:
The bar is set high. Fast and competent communication, the assumption of responsibility and mutual respect should not be key words from the management manual, but must be a constituent part of our daily work. Together with the management team I will strive to set an example and abide by the PEDAX Core Values & Beliefs, to enable the PEDAX vision (our guiding star) and the resulting mission to be achieved.

Thank you for the interesting conversation.
» Torsten Mayer (l.) and Horst Wolfgang Schöttner (r.)
Horst Wolfgang Schöttner was born on August 21, 1967 in Munich. After graduating as an industrial engineer he was employed in the aviation and aerospace industry, telecommunications and special machine engineering. Today he is looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that Pedax has to offer. He is responsible for sales and marketing.
Torsten Mayer, born on 05.12.1974 in Bensheim district Bergstraße, has proved his know-how in the optimisation and realignment of operative business in various activities. As an MBA he is therefore not only responsible for R&D and finance, but also for all operative units.


New partnership

MBK - and Pedax work together

MBK Maschinenbau GmbH, with its registered office in Kisslegg, and Pedax GmbH in Bitburg will be closely cooperating in future and will jointly make use of resources in sales and development. The two product ranges ideally complement one another.

MBK was founded in 1961 and is today a family company managed by Albert and Mario Pfender. As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of welding systems, MBK has excellent contacts and a convincing range of machines and systems, which prove their performance capacity day by day, for example in the production of concrete pipes. In future, MBK will offer machines for the production of reinforcing steel meshes in close cooperation with Pedax. With the new mesh welding plant, MBK addresses manufacturers of precast elements, where an own mesh welding plant was formerly not profitable. The technical equipment and price of the new machine are interesting for this group of customers.

Pedax GmbH, with its headquarters in Bitburg, continues the long Peddinghaus tradition since 1997. Pedax offers a complete and modular system of machines and equipment for reinforcing steel processing. The company has strong brands and operates on a worldwide basis. Apart from machines and equipment for bending and cutting reinforcing steel, the company also has powerful automatic machines for reinforcing steel processing from the coil. These include automatic stirrup bending machines, straightening machines and systems for almost all tasks arising in reinforcing steel processing.

Since October 2012 the new managing directors, Horst Wolfgang Schöttner and Torsten Mayer, are responsible for Pedax GmbH and its strategic orientation. The considerably increased Pedax development department has been recently involved in new concepts and particularly in the further development of straightening technology for customised solutions. Both companies, MBK and Pedax, maintain a lively exchange of ideas in the development of viable new products, both wish to jointly expand and exploit the sales networks and service resources, in order to better reach and advise customers all over the world. The new partnership will be started and announced at the Bauma 2013 in Munich.

» Newly developed mesh welding plant

Metax GXE / GXN: energy efficiency

Metax bar cutting machine

» Easy counting-in of the bars
Metax bar cutting machines now look back on 35 years of development history. Today, Metax bar cutting machines are offered in various types and with different equipment.

Pedax has now optimised this successful range to offer savings on expensive energy, and to make work faster, quieter and more precise. The new machine generation was equipped with a Hydac hydraulic unit with variable-speed pump drives. The hydraulics only run when the machine is working, and the required power is only called up then. This results in an energy cost saving of approx. 80 %.

Due to the new hydraulic system, exact adjustment and tuning options are possible, which were formerly not available to this extent.

» Metax GXN 2 with additional swivelling roller conveyor

» Energy cost savings of up to 80 %
» Shorter cutting times thanks to the option of diameter-related cutting
» Increased measuring accurancy
» Lower noise emission
» Lower oil consumption
» Shorter cycle times thanks to optimised interaction of the processes

Service with more manpower

Full service speed ahead!

» Service Manager Markus Barthen with Helpline employee Erich Sonnen
What was announced in the last edition of Pedax today was put into practice that same year: the service team under the leadership of Markus Barthen was able to be expanded over the last few months - with 3 new colleagues! Our PEDAX customers of course greatly benefit from the plus in manpower, and therefore from even faster reaction times. More employees for the helpline are currently required.

Furthermore, the close cooperation with agencies having their own assembly staff is being intensified, in order to be better positioned on an international level - and to offer our customers the fastest possible support. And the targets for 2013? We would like even more PEDAX customers to fully exploit their possibilities and get to know and appreciate the advantages of a service contract. A PEDAX service contract is individually tailored to customer requirements and wishes and helps to minimise unnecessary risks and downtimes thanks to regular maintenance intervals. This ensures a higher availability of the machines and enables optimal cost control.

Discounts on spare parts and man-hours are a further incentive. The way to this PLUS in safety is very simple: a quick call to the PEDAX service team is enough. Interested customers immediately receive a tailor-made offer.

By the way: our PEDAX service team is available at the bauma for any questions or suggestions you may have.

For more information visit our webpage www.pedax.com

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